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RawPapi – Gay Anal Sex

Another fresh week and time for us to deliver on the promise of having a new rawpapi scene here for you worthy of your time. And boy is it just that, as this one has two of the most passionate Latinos around our site getting paired together and showing off how they like to enjoy a nice and good fuck with one another here for today. As you know, we always try to make this the number one place to visit when you want to see hot and steamy gay sex and we hope that it’s slowly becoming that. This two raw papi studs are a fine addition to the roster here and like all the rest they get to put on some amazing gay fuck scenes for you to see!


And on top of that we always strive to bring you the best of the best, another category that these two fall under pretty well. So anyway, watch closely and see this pair getting in the bedroom on the bed and check them out going right after each other’s asses, showing off some rimming and cock sucking right from the start since they were already naked. Then the guy with no tattoos gets to bend over first for his buddy and you can check him out moaning in pleasure as he takes it doggie style. He aims to make his friend moan too, but we’ll let you discover that for yourselves everyone. Enjoy it and see you next time with more!

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Hot Bareback Fuck

Hey there guys and gals. We bring you another hot bareback fuck here at rawpapi with another new pair of guys. They were out clubbing and it seems that the couple got a bit too horny to wait any longer and they just had to go back home and get to have a nice and hard fuck with one another for pretty much the whole show. We know that you will just adore this one so get ready to have your socks blown off with the amazing and passionate fuck that the two hot guys show off here for the afternoon. We know that you will have fun with this juicy and new raw papi scene so let’s get that fuck fest going and see the action already!

So like we mentioned, they had to make a b line for back home as they were all nice and excited by now and ready to get to have some fun with each other too. Watch closely and see them getting to play nasty right from the very start and see them undressing one another. The black stud gets to be the top for their sexual encounter today and you can see him spreading his buddy’s legs nice and wide here today to get to start fucking that sweet ass with his big black cock missionary style. As always we are hoping that you enjoyed your stay and you can bet that you will get to see a incredible show next week when you visit!


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RawPapi – Dirtiest Bareback

You happen to come by at just the right time to check out even more all new and all fresh rawpapi scenes this week with some new studs and their fucking sessions. Well we have another pair that you do not want to miss seeing at play and that’s a guarantee. Both of these Latino studs were going to go bareback on one another like most of the guys around here and you just need to see the two of them in some action. Let’s get right into the thick of it and check out how the two raw papi guys got to have fun with one another for the whole afternoon just for you and how they ended up fucking bareback hard style for the whole show shall we?


To kick things off, as each of them gets to take their turn to sit on the bed laying on their back, the other gets to start wrapping his lips around that cock and you can see some thorough and sexy sloppy blow jobs done by these two to make sure that they got each other rock hard for the next bit of this juicy show. So anyway, once that is all said and done, the real fun begins and you can check them out having a nice and good fuck with each other for the rest of this scene. Do take the time to enjoy it and come back again soon for another new and fresh update just as per usual. We’ll be waiting for you all right here everyone. Bye!

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Fuck Without Condom

Hey once more, and welcome to new and kinky rawpapi scenes with hot guys getting to do the nasty for you and enjoying every single second of it all as well. The pair here wanted to forego the use of rubbers in this one so you can see a passionate fuck with both of them as they go at it rough and wild. And so far you know that you usually have the guy that’s more the sub of the two and that one usually gets to have his ass fucked, well today we have a special little scene with these two raw papi studs that get to take turns fucking one another up the ass just for you without delay. So let’s get right to seeing them play already in their naughty scene shall we?

That bed they were in was going to be put to some tremendously good use this afternoon and you can bet that right from the start the guys were eager to get to show off for you all without delay. So sit back and enjoy the scene as the clothes fly off and they start to tease one another’s dicks and butt holes with their hands and fingers and after some cock sucking and anal rimming, you can rest assured that you also get to watch some pretty intense anal plowing by one another’s cocks as well. We hope you’ll enjoy it and we’ll be back soon once more with some new updates for you all. Bye bye for now and make sure that you drop by to check out new stuff soon!


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RawPapi – Bareback Papi

Another fresh week and time for you to check out some more amazing rawpapi scenes with guys that you will more than likely adore and some superb studs that are true professionals when it comes to getting down and dirty with one another. And just like last week we get to see a pair that gets to throw down and have some bareback anal sex just for your enjoyment and theirs here today. We can assure you that their gallery has plenty of hot images featuring them fucking hard and there’s no way that you should skip over this new scene here with them today. We bet that you want to check them out and see the raw papi studs getting to play with one another without delay!


The two guys begin their little fuck session on the bedroom bed and make quick work of one another’s clothes to reveal some incredible and hot bodies for you all to see. Once they are done, they get to do even more naughty stuff like kissing and caressing as they go lower and lower for one another’s sexy bodies and eventually end up sucking each other off. One of them is going to get it bareback today though and you just have to see the guy moan in pleasure as he gets to have that cock planted nice and deep inside of his sexy ass. We’ll see you again soon with some more new and fresh scenes like always. Bye bye guys and gals and see you next week!

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Bareback Penetration

Hi once more and welcome to a brand new and hot rawpapi scene with some more all new and hot dudes getting to fuck on camera today. As you can clearly see in their preview, the two went for a nice outdoor fuck here today like some of the previous guys and they had quite a lot of fun fucking one another. The guy that was going to mostly take it up the butt today was quite happy to get to do so this afternoon so you can bet that the horny guy wasn’t going to let his friend go until he rode that cock thoroughly for the afternoon. So with that, let’s get started and see more rawpapi action with some bareback anal fucking today!

So like we mentioned, the two guys are all set to get to have some exquisite fun with one another in this afternoon and on the back yard porch as well. It was a pretty hot summer day today and they waited until the sun started to set until they got to have their fun with one another here. Sit back and watch the slutty guy sucking that cock with a passion and once he has it rock hard, you can watch him get to ride it cowboy style for the rest of this amazing scene here today. We’ll be back of course next week as always with more all new and all fresh galleries for you and you can count on seeing many more new and fresh updates with even more naughty guys!


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RawPapi – Bareback Gang

Today’s rawpapi scene is quite the naughty one to see indeed and you can see some pretty sexy and hot S&M play sessions going down in this one for the afternoon. So let’s just watch the guys go wild with one another and show off just how they like to play nasty with one another today shall we? The studs in this one were very very happy to get to show off just how horny they are and how naughty they like to get on camera for you and there was nothing standing in their way either. So with that in mind, let’s see this raw papi scene with the two guys getting to have some nice and juicy kinky gay sex for you all to see this afternoon shall we?


As the dude with the bow tie comes in the scene, his fuck buddy comes right after him into the show and as you can see he is pulled on by a leash. He is suppose to be the submissive little sex slave for his master and you get to see him worshiping that cock of the dude at the start with his hands and lips and goes all out sucking and slurping on that dick with a passion today. After that, you get to check him out as he gets to take his spot on top and bounce up and down on the meat pole for the rest of the scene. Definitely a must see here this afternoon and we will bring you much more to see next week as well with another pair of papis getting kinky!

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Bareback Cocksucking

Hey there again everyone. It’s that time of the week once more and you know that a new rawpapi scene is here. You get to see another pair of kinky dudes showing off what they’ve got on camera for you and it’s just a treat as per usual to see them go all out and get nasty and kinky with one another in front of the cameras. Let’s kick back and relax with the view of this one as you just have to see this fresh and sexy hunk getting a good dicking and then covered in man juice. We can pretty much guarantee that this raw papi dude is deserving of that name fully as you will get to watch him taking it in the ass bareback as well for this one. So let’s not delay!

Well either way, it’s one amazing rawpapi show to see at the very least and you should most definitely check it out here this fine afternoon. So once we begin, the papi here gets to show off that naked body to you all along with his fuck buddy for the afternoon and they get to do some pretty naughty and nasty stuff for you all to check out. Watch this stud sucking some serious cock and see him showing off just how good he is at posing all naked and then taking it up the ass too. To end it all nicely, you can see the guy getting to pull out that cock and taking the jizz load all over his sexy naked body. We hope you’ll enjoy the show and we’ll see you soon with more!


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RawPapi – Bareback Cumhole

Hey there guys and welcome back to a new and fresh rawpapi scene with some more hot and eager dudes getting kinky for you. You know that we have some of the greatest and hottest dudes around fucking hard for your enjoyment and this fine day is no different in that regard. You can check out some pretty intense ass fucking sessions with the lovely studs that we have for you this afternoon and trust us when we say that you won’t want to miss out on their naughty scenes here. The nice and kinky raw papi pair have a stunningly hot and sexy show to put on for you so let’s just get to watch them fuck hard without delay here today!


Well, they have the bedroom all to themselves and as the classy scenes here go, you are about to see them going at it raw and hard for the whole show. The two hairy studs start off by sucking each other off and getting to show off some oral prowess, but one of them eventually had to get to be on the receiving end of that hard cock. Watch the guy getting plowed hard style anally here today and watch the action that the two get to take part in without any more delays. They have a very good time and we hope you enjoyed yourself as well watching them fuck here. We’ll see you as usual soon with another new update so make sure to stay tuned!

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Ass Fuck Party

We want to welcome you all to a new and refreshing rawpapi scene here this week with some impressive studs getting all nice and kinky with one another for you. And you know that we always pack the best of the best Latino studs to show off every time as well to you guys and gals. Get ready to see a pair of them having some outdoor fun in this one and you can see some pretty nice and deep ass fucking going down with the two and of course it’s all caught on camera so that you may see it and enjoy it as well. So with that in mind let’s get this new raw papi scene going already and see these two hot studs fucking one another nice and hard for the rest of this glorious scene!

So like we said, the two are all set to get to play outdoors in this new rawpapi scene and they know just what to do to put on a great show for you all to see without delay. See them eating each other’s asses out here for the afternoon and after all that nice rimming, watch closely and enjoy the sight of the two taking their time to do some fucking as well. We’re sure that you will enjoy the view and rest assured that there is going to be much more to check out next week as well with even more new and kinky dudes as well. Bye bye until then everyone and have your fun with the two hot dudes here. We’ll be sure to bring you even more next time!


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