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RawPapi – Bareback Gang

Today’s fresh and new wwwrawpapi scene is here and it is just amazing. You know fully well what you can find around this place and this week we have quite the surprise for you. In this rawpapi scene you get to see the two hot fratx studs that we bring you of course, but as you will see, these guys are into some S&M play as well. And if we may say so ourselves, it just makes the whole thing even more amazing too. So let us just enjoy the show and get it going, so that you may enjoy this new raw papi fuck session. Sit back and enjoy the two studs anally plowing each other as they get to wear leather and chains and have fun with this stunning rawpapi scene here.


First things first, as the scene starts off, you can watch the two guys making their entry to the nice little BDSM dungeon they have going on. And while they kiss and caress and you get to see them putting on some thematic outfits, you can see that the two pack a lot of tools for pleasure and they know fully well how to use them too. Take your time to enjoy the guy getting a good spanking as well and after that, you can see him bend over that table and taking it doggie style. Enjoy watching him fucked from behind for the whole thing and do remember to check out the past scenes too for even more amazingly hot and juicy gay scenes!

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Bareback Sex

Hey there again everyone and welcome to another bareback fucking at www raw papi com featuring two new gay buddies that get to show off how passionate they are about plowing each other in the ass today. And once again this is one of those galleries that you have to check out as there’s just too much good stuff going down to pass up on the opportunity to check it out anyway. So let those rawpapi cameras roll and let’s watch some more rough and hard anal sex scenes with these guys shall we? We know you ladies and gents are very eager to get to see another pair in some kinky action this afternoon and what goes down is just dreamy.

Well, the rawpapi scene kicks off like we said and you can see the two studs making their entry. They get to party in the bedroom too and being as eager as they were to get down and dirty you can see them going for their little fuck session straight away. Watch closely and see them starting to kiss and caress and as they quickly decide who’s on the receiving end first, you can see the tattooed guy taking the ride first. Watch him slide that meat inside of his ass and see him taking it balls deep as well. He makes his fuck buddy moan in pleasure as his Latino ass squeezes that dick and we hope that you’ll enjoy the scene too. Have fun and see you soon! Until then, visit the tabloidmen.net site and see some hot males showing off their fit bodies!


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RawPapi – Queer Cumfart

Hey there guys and welcome back to a new gay bareback fucking scene here at www rawpapi com and two more hot and sexy studs that get to party hard for the afternoon. As you know, there’s no better sight that two very hot and very horny Latino guys fucking each other hard on camera and today we have another juicy scene with just that for you to check out. So sit back and strap in for a new and juicy scene today as these two guys are about to get very nasty with one another for you and the cameras too. Let’s just get their juicy scene going and see the raw papi studs as they get to put on one of the best gay shows that you can see today!


As the cameras start to roll, the jocks can already be seen in the bedroom and on the bed. And the guy with curly hair seems to be quite hard at work on his dark skinned buddy’s cock today. You just have to see his luscious lips sucking and slurping that cock, giving him a sloppy blowjob, making sure that he is diamond hard for his sexy and tight ass today. Then you can see him taking his spot on top and you get to watch him moan in pleasure while he rides that cock cowboy style for the rest of the scene. And as the title implies, you will be able to see him take a jizz load inside of his tight and sexy ass as well today. Enjoy the show and see you soon! If you can’t wait until then, check out the tabloidmen.org site and see some male celebs showing off their hot bodies!

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Bareback Papi

In this raw papi com scene it’s time to see some juicy gay guys plowing each other nice and hard. And these two here don’t know the meaning of the word slow at all. They go hard right from the start and we know that you’ll enjoy the view of them having some hard style fun for the afternoon. Well be sure that the two put that bed to some good use today and you get to see the whole thing as well. Let’s get the show going as you just have to check out this juicy gay fuck scene already here today and we can guarantee that you will love every single second of it as well. And what’s not to love about two horny rawpapi guys like these fucking each other anally all day?

As we said, that bed is going to be used quite a lot this afternoon and the two  studs make that clear as soon as they enter the room. See their clothes fly off one another as they undress and then see them starting to tease each other’s cocks with their masterful hands. Before you know it, the two are sucking each other off and making sure that their cocks are rock hard. They were eager to get to do some fucking and they eventually got around to it. Sit back and enjoy this simply incredible bareback papi fucking scene and enjoy it. We’ll bring you more all new updates next week as well, so make sure that you stay tuned to catch them all okay? Also you might visit the http://cinemale.org/ site if you wanna see some hot guys showing off their perfect bodies!


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RawPapi video – At the ranch

There is a fresh new rawpapi video that you really must see. These two hot latino guys are at the ranch and since there is no one else around, they are planning to have a very long weekend, fucking each other all over the place.

[hana-flv-player video=’http://rawpapi.net/trailers/rawpapi-latino-gay-video.flv’ width=’320′ height=’240′ clickurl=’http://rawpapi.net/members/m/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://rawpapi.net/trailers/rawpapi-latino-gay-video.jpg’ /]

You are going to have an amazing time with these two muscle guys cause they are going to show you how they plan to fuck for the entire weekend and how are they planning to please each other in the most naughty way ever. At first, they are going to start making out, kissing each other and touching each other all over the place, shoving their hands and reaching their most intense parts and after they will be hard enough, they will start the real action.

One of the breed it raw guys is going to climb on top of the other one, and he is going to offer him a full access to his tight ass hole so he could grab his monster tool and shove it deep inside there, pumping it with a lot of eagerness. You definitely have to see this impressive hammering session, cause it’s just what you needed to watch today, in order to have a better mood. Stay tuned to see what else is going to happen right here, and get ready to be impressed by these two hot guys who are sharing with you their nasty hammering session. Enjoy watching the following scenes and come back tomorrow for more.

Have fun watching these horny latinos fucking each other!

RawPapi – Outdoor bareback video

Check out the following rawpapi update to see these two latino hunks having a great time with each other. They planned to go for a walk, have a nice time since it was so warm outside. But the moment they were all alone, they started to make out, eager to fuck with each other since they are all hard. One of the guys is going to get down on his knees, starting to shove his tongue right into that tight ass of his boyfriend. He started to lick that ass and those balls, in order to make this guy go more hard and heavy, so he could take his tool right up into his mouth.

You got to see this video right now cause it’s mind blowing, believe me. Stay tuned to see what’s going to happen right next with these two and get ready to see them in some hot gay sex action, pumping each other’s wide opened mouths, shoving their monster tools deep inside their mouths there. Enjoy the following scene and see how this guy who’s down on his knees will end up having an enormous cum load spread all over his face. Like the guys from the thugorgy.org blog, he adores the taste of spunk so he is going to swallow the whole thing.

[hana-flv-player video=’http://rawpapi.net/trailers/rawpapi-outdoor-bareback-video.flv’ width=’320′ height=’240′ clickurl=’http://rawpapi.net/members/m/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://rawpapi.net/trailers/rawpapi-outdoor-bareback-video.jpg’ /]

Enjoy watching this horny guy riding that big cock!

Latino guys in bareback action

hardcore-raw-papi-bareback-fuck You got to check out the next rawpapi video, cause it’s really awesome. These two latino hunks are planning to amaze you for the next moments so you better grab a chair, relax and get ready to be impressed by these two. They are going to fuck each other senseless, shoving their monster tools right up into their tight ass holes, pumping them with a lot of eagerness. At first, they will start making out and warming up by kissing each other and shoving their hands all over their bodies, to touch each other and get hard and heavy.

You are going to see that they started to make out and fuck each other with a lot of eagerness. One of the guys is going to lean on a side, offering a full access to the other one, to shove his monster tool into his tight ass hole, pumping it with such a great lust. Enjoy watching the following rawpapi scenes and get ready to see these two horny latino lovers in action, pumping their holes with a lot of eagerness. Stay tuned to find out what’s going to happen right next with them. I guess they are planning to fuck for the entire night so get ready for some action! Also you can visit peterfever.org website and watch other hot gay guys fucking!

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Raw Papi – Facial scenes

You got to see the following raw papi scenes, cause they are exactly how you wanted to see today. I really hope that you are in the mood for something quite extraordinary cause the following scenes are totally mind blowing. You are about to have a fantastic time watching these two straight guys in action, shoving their enormous tools right into their wide opened mouths. They are so hungry and they simply adore having their mouth full so you are going to enjoy watching them having such a fantastic time together.

Stay tuned to see how this horny latino twink is going to end up having such a fantastic cum load spread all over his face. He adores the taste of spunk so after he will blow that huge cock, he will wait, having his mouth widely open, so he could swallow the entire load. He just loves that jizz taste so you will see him making sure that he won’t miss a single drop of cum. Enjoy the following rawpapi scenes and get ready to see what are these two planning to do right next, after they will end up with this incredible and also messy blow job session. Have a great time watching another creamy shower, with other hot guys!

raw-papi-facial-1 raw-papi-facial-3

raw-papi-facial-2 raw papi facial 4

Have fun watching these guys swallowing creamy cum!

RawPapi – Horny shaved twinks

A brand new rawpapi post is about to be revealed for you so you got to see the entire action, guys. You got to see these two hot latino twinks cause they are about to have a fantastic time with each other. You got to see how they are going to shove those monster tools into their mouths, licking them with a lot of eagerness. There is a really exciting action going to happen right here and you better see the whole thing. One of the guys is going to get on top of the other one, letting him shove his monster tool right into that tight ass, pumping it with such a great lust.

You got to see the entire action guys, cause this fantastic hammering session is really mind blowing. You will see how that enormous tool will get straight into that tight ass hole pumping it with such a great eagerness. You will also see that hole being totally creamed, just like in the boynapped videos, and just like you wanted to see. Stay tuned to see the entire action and I promise that you will love this whole thing. These two hot raw papi twinks are insanely horny so this seems to be a very long night. In the mood for another hot bareback scene? Take a look at this incredible scene!



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RawPapi – Ready for a bareback fuck


Hello everybody and welcome to the most recent rawpapi videos update, that is going to blow your mind, totally. Enjoy watching the following scenes, to see how these two horny twinks are going to have a fantastic time together. They adore to fuck, just like the guys from Kristen Bjorn‘s website, so they are going to show you what are their favorite things they like to do when they are in bed and how are their unique way of ending. You definitely have to see this fantastic video update cause there are some really impressive things that are about to happen.

One of the guys will get on top of the other one, offering him a full access to his tight ass hole and this one grabbed his monster tool and shoved it deep inside there. You got to see the entire action guys, just to watch these two hot raw papi twinks having a total blast with each other. You will see how he is going to grab those hips and he will start pushing his monster tool deep inside there, pumping that stretched hole with a lot of eagerness. You got to see how these two will have a really impressive time together, pleasing each other with such a great lust.

Watch this horny guy getting his ass stuffed by that cock!

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